Plaster Casting

Steel reinforcement rods of varying thickness, depending on the placement, are bent to fit inside the mold cavity. They will add strength to the finished cast.

The steel reinforcement rods are covered with a thin coat of plaster and hung up to cure.

The mold is reassembled and the plaster-covered steel reinforcing rods are carefully laid in place.

The mold reassembled, clamped together, and the edges sealed with plaster/burlap. The mold is then upended and plaster poured in to fill the cavity.

The beginning of the process of chipping out the cast. The first step is the removal of the thick, burlap rib that strengthened the outside edge of the mold.

The Plaster mold removed from the top back of the sculpture, revealing
the cast inside.

Impatient as always, removing the mold around the detailed area of fingers and toes to see how well the cast went. It looks good.

The finished Plaster cast, removed from the mold, awaiting the final re-working by the artist. Good job, Nancy!